Meet Leonardo Di CATrio

There is an uber-cute male model in a tuxedo running around ShoeDazzle HQ that’s been stealing all of our hearts. His name is Leonardo DiCATrio, a black and white kitty rescued by one SD employee, Rachael L. and adopted by another, Lauren O. 

The rags to riches story of this adorable kitten has become fodder for office talk and garnered Leo lots of dazzling attention in the form of plenty of pets and hugs and even a photoshoot or two.

Leo was found meowing all alone in an alley one night by one of our resident kitten whisperer and project manager, Rachael. She scaled a wall behind her house only to find the little guy alone, hungry and freaked out. She scooped up the little ball of fluff and took him home for some much needed TLC. After a warm bath and lots of gourmet kitty food, Leo was all purrs and cuddles.

To add to his heart-tug-factor, Leo was limping so Rach took him to the vet only to discover that his leg was broken in three places! The vet made one of the tiniest splints she has ever made out of tongue depressors and gauze. Little Leo hardly noticed the comedically large cast on his tiny frame and bounced around like it was no big deal.

Back at Dazzle Headquarters the competition was on to adopt the little guy after a mass email with the adorable guy’s furry face plastered in our inbox. The honor of kitten mommy was bestowed upon Rach’s good friend and ShoeDazzle Senior graphic designer, Lauren.

Lauren couldn’t resist this cute kitten in permanent formal attire. It was love at first sight. The name “Leonardo DiCatrio”, “Just popped into her head and it was so silly she couldn’t resist”. Titanic quotes have ensued ever since. “Never let go Leo!”

Little Leo is super cuddly and sweet to everyone he meets. His friendly disposition has charmed the ShoeDazzle team and as a result he was cast in two of our recent campaigns for watches and boots.

Lauren is an avid instagrammer and reports that adorable Leo has been paparazzi’d by complete strangers on their outings. Leo likes to be toted around Venice, CA’s stylish Abbott Kinney Street and frequents the shops there from inside Lauren’s ShoeDazzle bag.

His hashtag “ #LeonardoDiCatrio” has dozens of photos attributed to him.  He was even spotted on a trend blog!

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