Meet our Merch Sweetheart, Blanka.

Hey Blanka!  You’re our Merchandising Project Manager.  What’s your favorite thing about working for ShoeDazzle?

Blanka:  The easy answer here would be to say “the SHOES” of course (and don’t get me wrong, that part doesn’t suck)…however, my favorite part about ShoeDazzle is the people that I am lucky to work with each day.  Being part of a team full of women with strong personalities could be a recipe for disaster but I can honestly say that I consider all the lovely ladies on the Merch team not only my co-workers, but real friends.

We do have an amazing blend of people here!  Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

B:  I have a twin sister; yes- we are identical.  No, we cannot read each other’s minds and yes-having a spare closet full of stuff that fits you is awesome!  I was also born in the Czech Republic and move to the US when I was 7 years old.

How did you get into fashion?

B:  I found myself working on the corporate end of the industry right out of college.  I loved it and stuck with it.  It’s not all fun and games like some may think though-you have to work hard, put your time in and really pave your way.

Words you live by?

B:  Favorite famous quote: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

Favorite Blanka original: “Surround yourself with good people and the rest will fall into place.”

Beauty must haves?

B:  Well, my basics that I try to never run out of are my: MAC concealer, a good clear lip gloss and under eye cream!  Honestly, I’m beginning to rely less on products and more on natural go-tos like eating right, exercise, water and good ol’ beauty rest!

Tell us the the truth: how dreamy is it working in a super pink building?

B:  LOL!  Working in the “super pink” Merch space is surreal sometimes…It’s open…it’s modern…it’s fresh…it’s creative!  I’m a big believer that surroundings are key and the space definitely adds to the great vibe that we have.  The surround sound stereo system, gourmet coffee bar and endless candy supply don’t hurt either.

There’s nothing wrong with some pink creative space!  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Any plans?

B:  A group of my girlfriends and I are getting together for a big dinner over in Studio City so I guess you could say we’re having a “Gal-entine’s Day.” Any excuse to dress up and eat some good food works for me!  I’m also thinking of baking up some goodies for my Dazzle sisters…

What are some of your favorite hang out spots?

B:  I live over in West Hollywood right off the Sunset strip so…needless to say, there is an infinite amount of “hot spots” right in my own backyard.  A few places to check out are Eveleigh (ask for Garrett the bartender, he’s rad).  Laurel Hardware is great – get the brussels sprouts!  I do have to say – I’m just as happy at a local sports bar wearing jeans and my Dream sneakers as I am being decked out at a 5-star restaurant.  I’m a Libra-it’s all about balance!

What shoes would you rather dance in:  pumps or wedges?

B:  Funny you ask…I’m heading to Vegas this weekend and found myself packing nothing but my highest pumps (it is Vegas after all)!  However, when I go to a wedding, I’m more likely to wear a wedge (especially if it’s outdoors).  It just depends on the occasion.  Tip of the Day:  If your bag can spare the room- pack a pair of flats that work for any occasion.  Your feet will love you for it!

Do you prefer a boot or a bootie?

B:  Bootie!  Tall, short, thin heel or think heel- I love them all!  Find your perfect pair (or two, or three…) and it can go with just about any outfit in your wardrobe!  most girls don’t realize that booties can be the new pump that goes with all your ‘pretty’ dresses.  As far as color:  black is my favorite and eternal must have but I’m also really feeling snake print these days.

Any last words for our lovely clients?

B:  GET EXCITED!  There is so much amazing-ness coming your way…You have no idea!

On Blanka:  Marysol pump (coming soon)!

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