Go Glam with these Sexy Tips from @thefashionfreakk!

Local New Yorker, Melly Sanchez-also known as @thefashionfreakk has always had a love for beauty and a passion for fashion! Melly’s words to live by are “Follow your heart, and believe in yourself, no matter who judges you.” And follow her heart, she certainly did. Her love for beauty recently inspired her to create makeup tutorials that gained her over 50K followers on Instagram in less than six months. Melly explains “I had no idea that people would love my posts so much!” She was simply just doing what she loved. Being interested in fashion from a young age has given her a unique style that people love! Melly encourages everyone to “wear what you like, and don’t worry about what others think.” What exactly does Melly like? Check out these three sexy, yet classy looks styled by this fashion freak!

Sexy & Stylish


Everyday fashion freak knows that a fitted knee length dress is a must have! Melly this bold bodycon with a nude heeled sandal for a Saturday-night-sexy look. Fashion Freak Tip: pair your go-to bodycon with sneakers for a cool causal look for the week day, and bring your sexiest heels to change for afternoon drinks.



There’s nothing quite like a comfy crewneck dress with a lace-up heel. When asked her favorite ShoeDazzle style it was no surprise she confessed her obsession with our lace-ups.  “They make any look ultra glam and sexy”, says Mel. These detailed lace up heels are sure to spice up any outfit! Fashion Freak Tip: Pair this look with summer bronze make-up, and show off your shimmer!


GNO Goddess

Melly’s favorite thing to do on the weekend is go out for drinks with her best girlfriends. A sexy slit dress is perfect for a GNO, and is sure to leave your friends begging to know where they can get one too.


This nude corset heel is not your average lace up! The unique style is sure to catch eyes, while the nude color doesn’t draw the attention away from your fabulous outfit! Fashion Freak Tip: Pair nude heels with just about anything. This neutral goes with any color palette, and is so on trend.

10 Fun Facts About @thefashionfreakk

  1. Her favorite ShoeDazzle Styles are lace up heels, glaminators, and of course pumps!
  2. Her top IG photo editing apps are FaceTune, Photoshop Express, and InstaCollage.
  3. Her go-to style for a first date is lace up sandals.
  4. Her top style icons are Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian.
  5. She’s from New York.
  6. Her must have makeup item is highlighter.
  7. Her go-to outfit is a body suit, lace up sandals, and ripped jeans.
  8. She loves Los Angeles, though she’s been once.
  9. Her 3 selfie tips are: good lighting, back camera in front of a mirror, and high angles.
  10. Her celebrity/beauty bestie would be Kim K.

What’s your go-to style? Comment below!

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