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A petite girl with a great sense of smell and even better sense of style, Nany’s Klozet is a blogger you should know about! Read below to get a feel for a few of her favorite things and idiosyncrasies

Entering the Blogosphere: I was in my senior year in college and I got an interview with Telemundo, one of the biggest Hispanic TV networks. I started researching online and I couldn’t find any blog in Spanish dedicated to sharing fashion and beauty tips. So that day I ended up opening my blog, which was fully written in Spanish at the beginning.

Style Crushin’: My style crush is Miroslava Duma. She is definitely a style inspiration, she is petite like me…and her style is breahtaking. If I had to choose a favorite look I’d say this one.

Music Therapy: You would find a lot of 90’s pop music in my iPod… N’Sync, BSB, Britney, Spice Girls: they will always have a special place in my heart.

Wise Words: “Don’t love what you do…DO what you LOVE” . I love this quote because it has inspired me to pursue my dream and not settling for nothing.

Favorite Reads: My favorite book is “100 Years of Solitude” and favorite magazines are People Style Watch and STYLE.

From Miami to NY and Back Again: (I’m already back in Miami) I learned that you have to work HARD and late hours to make it in the business. I learned that NYC and Miami are very different and that you have to grow thick skin in order to stay in your feet.

Weekend Destination: You will probably find me at a local park by the beach with my dog and my boyfriend.

Epicurean: One of my favorite places right now is called “Ceviche105”- it has the best Peruvian food and ceviche I have ever eaten.

Secret Scent: I actually collect perfumes; and I have a super sensitive nose. Reason why I LOVE perfumes and each one reminds me of a phase in my life. Just by smelling it, I feel like I can travel back in time. Right now I’m loving and using DKNY “Be Delicious” (the pink one).

Beauty Secret: – One. never, ever ever ever, go to sleep with your makeup on. It doesn’t matter how tired you are, it only takes 2 minutes. Two, moisturizer is your skin’s best friend. Three, I try to wash my hair just once a week, it sounds crazy but it’s what works for me. I feel like if you wash it every day, you just wash it every other day. If you hair is very oily, by washing it you are “telling” your body to produce more and more oil.

Writing on the Wall: I’m very superstitious. For example:  for me, giving shoes to someone means that you want them out of your life (shoes=walk away). So when someone I love/care gives me shoes, I have to “pay” them- even if it’s just a penny.

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