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How would you describe your personal style.
I would say my style is new age vintage with an edgy twist. I usually incorporate one vintage item in my outfit everyday and like to edge it up with some boots or accessories. I’m ridiculously into 80s/90s/00s fashion right now so there’s always a vibe from that era happening.

Where are you from?
Los Angeles born and raised!

Who or where do you find style inspiration from?
A lot of vintage imagery, vintage and present models and editorials.

What’s your go to piece to make a fashion statement?
I would say a beanie, shoes or some unique sunglasses.

What other creative outlets do you use besides blogging?
I own an online vintage clothing store called Penelope’s Vintage which ends up being another great, creative outlet for me, from shopping for the inventory to styling the photoshoots.

What are your favorite spots around Los Angeles? Any secret spots?
My favorite spots in Los Angeles are The Dime on Fairfax, The Prince, which is also great for Korean fried chicken and kimchi fried rice, and Hemmingways.

Favorite restaurants?
I can go on for hours but I think my faves right now are Animal, Nabeeya, Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, Cactus, The Little Door, Ink, Earth Bar, and Liquid for all my health freak needs.

What’s a typical day like for you as a blogger?
I usually start my day off with a boot camp class in the morning. After showering and making food I’ll answer emails, work on any freelance writing projects and work on my vintage store; listing items, packing orders, getting projects going etc. Later in the day I’ll shoot some photos for my blog/work on my blog and make some dinner. A lot of times my day ends with an event or two and then I come home to my boyfriend and two Boston Terriers and call it a night! It sounds easy but a lot of times I’ll put in 12 hour days.

Do you have any beauty secrets?
The less makeup the better, take care of your skin and always wear sunscreen.

Favorite quote?
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” – Elizabeth Taylor


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