Nail Your #Shoefie With Some Inspo From Our Top #ShoeDazzleGirl’s

We all know the perfect pair of heels isn’t complete without a stunning #shoefie. We get our inspo from the confident, sexy, #ShoeDazzleGirls rockin’ it out there showing us all how it’s done! So here it is: 5 tips to the perfect #shoefie. From styling to photographing, we’ve got you covered. Grab your camera and your favorite heels!

1-Be Confident!

This tip will take you from casually hanging out to fiercely strutting your stuff! Any casual outfit can be dressed up with heels (yes, even sweats), but without confidence, you’ll look like you woke up and wore the wrong shoes. We have always loved heel + denim combos but we especially love how our #ShoeDazzleGirl @kekecameron dressed up denim overalls with her leopard Deanelle heels and a maroon lip. Statement pieces are a great way to show off that personality, GIRL!

2-Get Outside (or Fake it)

So we all know lighting is everything right?! Our cheek highlights deserve to be showcased after all! The same holds true for #shoefies! Check out our glowing babe @kekecameron showing us the way in this beautiful satin slip dress! Get outside and find some great natural lighting so your beauties can shine brightly. Photographers swear by the “golden hour” (the new happy hour?) of lighting. This is typically in the morning after sunrise and in the evening before sunset. Trust us with this trick! Google “golden hour calculator” and you can find the exact best times for your season/location. Stuck indoors? Well, you have to fake it! There are plenty of amazing light-up cases or clip-on “selfie lights” for your phones that’ll do the trick (you’re welcome).

3-Play with Texture!

We love playing with texture (and doggies)! Our #ShoeDazzleGirl @audreyadair paired her cute pink Delayna sneakers with a complimentary white furry rug and wooden grey floors. Mixing textures that coordinate can take your next #shoefie from a swipe left to a swipe right every time! The key here is maintaining balance and coordination. If the vibe of your #shoefie is cute neutrals, then a cute animal works perfectly! Don’t forget to have fun with it!

4-Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable

Ah, the eternal love story. A girl falls in love with heels only to be hurt by them. We all love a pair of heels, even though they hurt us sometimes. It’s good to remember that people love a #shoefie that looks effortlessly beautiful. Sometimes effortless beauty isn’t always so effortless (sigh), BUT you got this, girl! Flex those abs and practice kicking those legs in the air like @thedazzlebomb does with her Tiani heels. On the up side, you can check off your workout for the day once you get a #shoefie out of it!

5-Add a Pop of Color/Pattern!

There’s no hiding the fact that pops of color get you noticed! Did you know they also photograph well? Adding a statement stripe like the Neri heel to a colorful pant like @kisharose does creates the perfect focal point for a 🔥 #shoefie. You KNOW this girl’s confident, colorful, and sassy! Don’t be afraid to strike a playful pose so the camera can zoom in on the details of your look.

So now that we are experts at snapping the perfect #shoefie, it’s time to start posting! Share a photo in your favorite ShoeDazzle’s using #shoedazzlegirl, and you could win $250 towards more shoes! Terms & Conditions apply.


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