National BFF Day-Sole Sister’s


Its National Best Friend’s Day! What better way to celebrate than to kick it with your “sole sister”?! Today is a day to not only celebrate your bestie, but it also gives you an excuse to have some fun together and really show each other why you became friends. I mean, seriously… we’ll take just about any excuse to be ridiculously silly together! It’s twinning twime!

One great thing about having a BFF is it is the number one person you call for everything. Whether you just broke up with your boyfriend, or you need advice on which outfit to wear on a first date; your other half is always there. So, to show your appreciation for one another, why not get dolled up and hit the town together?! Here are a few shoes to help you and your bestie kill it wherever you go.


The Sterling sandals are perfect for the gladiator-strong girls. This is Sparta! No, but seriously, gladiator sandals are perfect if you and your friend just want an effortlessly fierce look. Just the right amount of chic for an afternoon lunch at you and your gal-pals favorite place.


The Karitta sandals are so bold and fun! These hot sandals are made for long summer beach days and dancing in streets with your best girlfriend. Why not slip these on, and have a fun day at a local County Fair?

No matter what you and your girl do to celebrate, just make sure to enjoy your time together. Take time to laugh, play, and have those long talks that only bring you closer.

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