Happy Fry Day! Find Your Flavor for National French Fry Day


There are some things in life we just can’t get enough of. This blog is called “The Platform” with a stiletto-shaped L, so you can probably guess what’s on top of that list for us. Even though we’re not coy about our shoe addiction, we like things other than shoes… like French fries! To celebrate a day dedicated to our favorite source of carbs, we picked out some fry-and-shoe pairings so you can look like a snack while you devour one.


Classic Fries


Is it a coincidence that the classic cut fries resemble stilettos? Maybe so, but slender, delicious goodness that adds a kick to your meal and outfit? You know what’s up. A lover of fail-proof classics, you love a good pair of stilettos. For your next Mickey D’s run, look like the hottest item off the Million Dollar Menu by sporting Mireya, a classy number with a snazzy bead detail.


Crinkle Cut Fries


If you enjoy a little groove and flare with everything you do, you probably prefer the fun, crinkly variety of fries. Take your summer look with a side of extra-groovy Nessa, a slip-on heel that marries a modern silhouette with a beautifully baroque pattern. Fries may not actually be French, but Nessa will top any outfit off with a sprinkle of Parisian chic.


Curly Fries


You take your fries spiced, curly, and fully extra, so it’s no wonder that your shoe game is equally over-the-top. You would go the extra mile to find a burger joint that serves their fries curly and another ten miles to find a sassy pair of heels that make you stand out. Strut those miles in Joslyn, a knee-high gladiator heel with geometric cutouts and lace-up details.


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