It’s a Match! Find the Perfect Lipstick and Shoe Combo

Rejoice ladies! We’ve rounded up our top 5 pumps to pair with that perfect pout of yours. That’s right –your favorite ShoeDazzle shoes have a matching lipstick hue to keep your outfit looking fiercer than ever.

Scroll down to find your lip color of choice and see what it says about you!


A dark lip like this deep plum tone tells the world you’re not afraid to take risks. You live life on the dangerous side, even if that means wearing all white after Labor Day *gasp*! Not just because she’s the same color, our Brinley platform is the obvious shoe match here because of her caged, laced-up silhouette. Only a true risk-taker would go for a standout style like this. Get on with your bad self!

A seriously trending color right now, rose gold is literally everywhere we turn and we love it. So if you love it too, that means you love to keep up with what’s current. You never like to be seen in last season’s color because OMG how embarrassing, right?! Go rose gold or go home with a lipstick, cheek highlighter, accessories and, of course, the Demi platform. She’s the two-strap heel that is SO in right now so you’ll be trending as ever from head to toe. #glowgoals


Class with a side of sass is what pearl pink is all about. If this color stood out to you the most in the group that probably means you live a super-chic lifestyle in every way. You’re always polite and kind and courteous, but you can totally clap back if it comes down to it. This is exactly why Eden is the perfect match! Her pearl pink tone shows off your sweet side, while her decorated faux pearls tell the world you mean business.


Although it’s such a classic color, this vibrant red tone says you are anything but that! You love to make a statement when you walk into the room. Everyone stops what they’re doing to see what your latest look is. Sure, a red lip will get you that attention you deserve, but when you pair it with the Mireya pump you are guaranteed to make jaws drop and eyes stare that much longer.

Which color best represents who you are?! Comment below! #DazzleOn


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