#NationalPizzaDay: What Your Slice Says About You


If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably know that we celebrate almost every occasion with shoes. What can we say? It’s a piece of cake—or rather, a slice of pizza—when we’ve got the perfect pair for every single day of the year, and then some. In celebration of National Pizza Day, you guessed it, we are going to suggest a pair of delectable shoes based on your favorite pizza.


You’re a woman of simple pleasures. What’s the point of fussy pizza toppings when a slice of delicious pepperoni pizza can do the trick? For a lover of the tried and true, Elena is the perfect spirit shoe. A dressy yet sexy stiletto-heeled sandal, Elena always does the trick by adding much-needed flavor to any bland outfit. Pair with wardrobe basics for a not-so-basic look!



Always hungry for adventure and the next tasty slice, you like to constantly switch things up and try unique pizza topping combinations. A statement pump with party in the front, and even more party in the back, Jenna believes that you really can have it all. Style it with a flowy top and some true-blue jeans for a zesty look. No extra calories required for this yummy topping!



Do you find yourself hogging all the crushed pepper bottles? You’re not too picky with what goes on your pizza, as long as it goes well with your favorite spicy condiment. Fight fire with fire in these flamin’ hot heels. Bexley combines a classic pointed-toe silhouette with a stylish ankle knot detail. The extra spicy shade of red will pop when paired with your favorite little black dress.


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