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Gather around, ladies! Take our ShoeDazzle HOW TO BE SINGLE quiz for a chance to win a private screening of the film!
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January 13, 2016

Dressing for success is a part of becoming successful. The more you like your ensemble, the more confidence you will possess and radiate throughout the office. So suit up, pick that perfect pump and dress like the professional you aim to be! Read More

January 11, 2016

If you’re like me, you enjoy the finer things in life; like details! I love them all, whether it’s unique textures, edgy hardware or fun patterns…I just can’t get enough. It says a lot about your style when you’re not afraid to rock a shoe that incorporates some (or all) of your favorite trends. Here’s a look at some shoes with details for daysssss.

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With the new 2016 stepping in, most of us set a goal. Well, I wanted to combine a good challenge that is also fun. So here’s my 5-day-high-heel challenge for you. Each work day, you can follow my steps and strut your way to the office, confident and ready to take over the world. Read More


I recently relocated to Los Angeles, and one of the most exciting benefits of being in a new city where no one knows me, is that I can reinvent myself, step outside of my comfort zone and be the person I’ve always imagined myself to be. And it’s totally judgement free. But you don’t have to move across the country to make drastic changes, there’s no better time than the New Year to set goals and work toward them. One of my more attainable goals for 2016 is to be open-minded about my wardrobe choices.  We’ve selected three looks that will make you feel like a bombshell or a boss while you’re kicking butt and exceeding your goals in 2016.
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December 30, 2015

What happened to snow? Does it even exist anymore? I kid, I kid. But seriously, why has it been so warm all of the sudden?! It’s supposed to be winter, after all.
So, how do you dress for this weird, finicky weather? One moment it’s freezing cold and you’re wishing you resided on a tropical island, and the next it’s swelteringly hot outside. Say it with me now: layers! There is nothing worse than looking like a bundled up Eskimo when it’s chilly, but you also don’t want to be ill prepared. We’ve picked out four staple items you can layer for a perfect snow angel style look. Read More

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