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June 3, 2015
Donut day

Let’s not sugar coat it; donuts are having a moment! It seems like you can’t even scroll through your Instagram feed these days without coming across one of the artfully-displayed, sugary confections. AND WE LOVE IT! Who doesn’t love a treat that is both comforting and inexpensive? It’s the holy grail of gluttony. Read More


When a world traveler embarks on their journey like a barista makes latte’s, they need essential tools to survive the adventures that await. Today on the blog we showcase a couple of travel necessities, a basic how-to on pairing gold accented heels and flats to inspire your summer vacation outfits. Read More

What to wear-Wedding2

Wedding Season can be tough. Traveling and picking out the perfect wedding gift can be difficult, but deciding on what to wear is the hardest! Not only is there the wedding, but also a Bridal Shower and a Bachelorette party.

Here are a few tips and looks to follow this wedding season: Read More

Melnie Pace blog

Obsessed with everything about these sandals! The bright colors are so perfect for summer and the chain detail takes them to a whole other level of edginess. It is key when picking out sandals while trying to build your summer wardrobe, to look for primary colors that will go with anything. Read More

Memorial Day AssetMemorial Day Weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a time where everyone comes out of their weekly routines to play. Not only will you find all the cool events and amazing sales this weekend, but you will also get a chance to show off your pre-summer-best outfits! Here’s a guide to wowing the party in your new pieces. Read More

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