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We’re celebrating National Pink Day at ShoeDazzle with all things PINK! There’s nothing that makes us happier than a whole day to honor this rosy-hue. After all, it is the color of ShoeDazzle. As we all know, the color pink is usually associated with femininity and girly-ness; so ladies, let’s toast to being women and being pretty in pink! Check out the styles below to see which pink shoe suits you best.

Sweet and Sophisticated

Luiza-National Pink Day Read More


Getting ready for summer is one of the best feelings! Longer days, warmer weather, beach trips, and more time for shopping are some of our favorite things to do this season! After a happy hour with my girlfriends, it’s time we hit the boutiques. As I was in the dressing room trying on jean shorts, I thought: I need to do something about my legs. Read More

What to wear-Locked up lady

Inspired by the new season of Orange is the New Black, we put together these binge-worthy outfits. You wouldn’t want to get caught committing any fashion crimes at the viewing party now would you?! Read More


Its National Best Friend’s Day! What better way to celebrate than to kick it with your “sole sister”?! Today is a day to not only celebrate your bestie, but it also gives you an excuse to have some fun together and really show each other why you became friends. I mean, seriously… we’ll take just about any excuse to be ridiculously silly together! It’s twinning twime! Read More

June 3, 2015
Donut day

Let’s not sugar coat it; donuts are having a moment! It seems like you can’t even scroll through your Instagram feed these days without coming across one of the artfully-displayed, sugary confections. AND WE LOVE IT! Who doesn’t love a treat that is both comforting and inexpensive? It’s the holy grail of gluttony. Read More


When a world traveler embarks on their journey like a barista makes latte’s, they need essential tools to survive the adventures that await. Today on the blog we showcase a couple of travel necessities, a basic how-to on pairing gold accented heels and flats to inspire your summer vacation outfits. Read More

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