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Jenny N. (our UI tech gal) is one pedicure purist. When she’s not rocking some seriously fabulous footwear in our office, her summer-hued pedi’s are always the talk of the day. We keep one asking how does she keep her peep toe colours to last for so long? So, we turned to celebrity nail stylist, Jenna Hipp to share her best tips on extending our multi-hued, glittery topped pedicures. Jenna says:

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #1: Brands Matter: More than just remembering to use a base and top coat, be sure polishes are free of formaldehyde and DBP. (Not sure? Check it out by typing in your products at

Because most companies create their formulas to work together, it’s best to use them together to ensure your highest quality manicure. Also, your top coat doubles as a great refresher every few days to keep your pedi strong and looking brand new.

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #2: If you haven’t been consuming enough water, it shows in your skin, especially your hands and feet. Additionally, it is a main cause of swelling in the ankles. Drink filtered water infused with cubes of fresh fruit such as grapes, pineapple or cantaloupe to add flavor as well as vitamins to keep skin healthy and glowing from the inside out!

HIPP TIP: At-home spa pedicure tip #3: BE NICE TO NAILS! Start sourcing organic topical products and at home remedies.

People notice nails more than you would like to think. Prevention and maintenance- don’t wait, start NOW! For most of us, great looking hands and feet don’t just happen overnight. Start by budgeting in weekly to monthly mani/pedi’s or give your nails a little more attention at home.

To whiten nails, try this easy at home remedy:

Baking soda with lemon juice. Mix together and scrub nails with nail brush or toothbrush. Dip tips in hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. Wash hands and moisturize with damp hands with jojoba oil. Dab dry with a cotton towel.


Brights tips bring in sunshine and optimism and translate into a fresh beginning. Full of energy, tangerine orange, and hot pinks are top pedicure pick me ups for this 2012. Bold colors are perfect for toes and a great way to show personality without being too over the top. No matter what, skip the french pedi- The look is overdone and un-natural.

Chartreuse and mustard are heavy hitters this summer as well as shades that have an organic, earthy feel. Neon’s will be popping up throughout the season well into fall on accent nails as peek-a-boo teasers.


“Minty” by RGB cosmetics

“Poolside Party, All Eyes On Me” by NCLA

“Kutki” by Nars

“Cosmo” by Dior

Besides color, nail polish formula is also shaping up for summer by lightening up. Look for your favorite opaque color in a sheer or transparent formula, or instead wear just one coat. We took our own advice and created HIPPxRGB Nail Tints to give our nude nail loving fans more customizable options. HIPPxRGB Nude Nail System allows you to choose your color and your coverage as well as customize it to match your skin tone. Fans include Miley Cyrus, Lea Michele, Lauren Conrad and Michelle Williams.

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