Refinery 29 and ShoeDazzle: The Ultimate Giveaway

New season, new you. It happens to us around the same time every year—like, right now. It’s time for a complete head-to-toe new look. Usually we skimp and only update a few key pieces due to dwindling funds at the end of our many summer vacations, but that kind of limited thinking ends here., home of all things of-the-moment fashion, is hosting a giveaway to die for. Yes, you guessed it. (We’re too easy). Listen up– that’s the sound of dreams coming true. ShoeDazzle and Refinery29 have teamed up as a pretty cool power couple just in time for your fall makeover. So what’s in it, if you win it?

Oh you know, just a thousand cool dollars, that’s $1,000 to be precise, to spend on Shoedazzle’s new season bags, shoes and accessories however you see fit. And if you need some shopping guidance, we’re also providing a guardian angel, our own Chief Accessories Stylist Anya Sarre, who will join you for a personal styling session.

Look at us, being all altruistic giving away awesome prizes just because. But don’t think we’re getting soft—we’re thinking hard about rigging the contest and winning ourselves. Kidding! We’re just seriously looking forward to fall and all the awesomeness ShoeDazzle has in store for us, and you.

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