Richy Raves: Coats are the New Capelets.

I usually rant; and it’s not like I’m not ranting right now. I’m merely raving, as well. I’m raving mad about jackets worn over-the-shoulders, sans sleeves. Even our stylists are loving—and practicing—this ‘coats as capelets’ trend.

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There’s no need to fear this caped crusader trend. Whether it’s a coat, a sweater, or a jacket, it’s time to wear it out/over your shoulders. Here’s why:

Sometimes we get cold, and if someone drapes a coat over our shoulders, we swoon and tune into our romantic inclinations.

Why wait for a signif’ other to forfeit a jacket when you’re perfectly warm in the one you put on yourself?

Richy T.—CapeLet it Happen.


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