Richy’s Rant: BBQ Season

Richy Rants 5.23

Don’t forget: Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. Granted we’ll all be fast forwarding to the actual solstice on 6/21, but reality is plastic and it’s  about to get real.

All I have to say is that before you dive poolside into a barbecue, you should pull some cues from Barbie. Let ‘Mattel’ you all about it.

Barbie is tealing into summer in an aqua bikini, matching heels, and a paisley, partially sleeved, semi sheer robe with a handheld fan. I’m a fan. (The bikini is optional. If you prefer a sexy one-piece, go ahead and Skipper.)

Macro prints are slimming, and length always accentuates the vertical. Taller at a girl!

The fact that it’s sheer makes the robe light and fluid, especially when paired with SUNsational glasses.

Obviously you’ll need some heels to complete the look. Pretty sure these coal-erful heels are Barbie approved.


Richy T. – Hotter than the grill next door.

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