Richy’s Rant: TGIF


The following is a true story: I typically write my blog on Tuesday nights and cross my fingers that it doesn’t get edited out before being published on Thursdays. My last rant negatively tipped the scales, so you’ll never know what it said—my bad/your loss. This week I thought it was Tuesday on Wednesday but I was lucky enough to be inspired by the happy hour I spent at the local TGI Friday’s. And I realized that, like ShoeDazzle, style is the main reason it’s always Friday there.

If you’re a fan of the show “Chopped,” you probably already respect pros who get creative with mandatory ingredients. The same goes for style at  TGI Friday’s. For every female employee, that mandatory ingredient is a branded sash. She is free to wear it however she wants: as a belt, a hair tie, a scarf, a slinky halter—doesn’t matter. It only matters that she’s flared up like it’s Friday and does Rebecca Black proud.

In the spirit of Americana, take some Sage advice and pair stripes with spikes. Clearly.

Be sure to Krissy cross the Atlantic-nautical look in red, white, and blue.

Finally, show us how you’d style a striped sash.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine—doesn’t matter. It only matters that you post @shoedazzle.

Richy T. – You may have noticed I have nothing positive to say about Mondays.

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