Richy’s Rant: Humid It Tees

130724_Thursday'sRichyTBlog_pbLA is currently enduring a hot, wet summer. Everybody’s paring it down to the basics: T-shirts and jeans. Why? because no one here’s used to this weather except maybe aspiring actors from the Midwest.

Personally I’m hot and sticking with beefy-T V-necks and Levi’s shorts—but I kind of like it like it because it forces me to step up my shoe game. This week I’m ranting and raving about shoes that elevate, escalate, and go on dates when paired with plain white tees and denim.

Joss because you’re wearing stovepipe jeans and a T-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with a turquoise necklace that references one of the many hues in your heels. Moral of the story: feel free to add a dash of color to your crew-neck.

I didn’t come up with this one on Myona; I’ve witnessed plenty of women strolling through malls and on boardwalks in oversized T-shirts, super skinny jeans, and sneaky heels. I complimented them shamelessly and gave them my card. True story.

If you want to Spycee things up, play with proportions. For example: Try high waists, calf cuts, and cropped tops. Cut it out because those looks are getting hotter as we speak/read.

Don’t forget your hats, belts, and sunglasses when putting “tee and jeans” looks together.

Richy Tee. – See you monsoon/on Friday.

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