Richy’s Rants: In the Arizone


Every year, Daylight Savings costs most of us an hour of sleep, and, frankly, I’m not okay with that.  It would be better if they kicked back Fri’ to a 7-hour workday, but instead they cut my weekend short. Not cool. The only consolation prize is that sometimes there’s an extra hour of Halloween on the backend. Big whoop—I’m typically too dru…dazzled…to care.

That’s why this rant is my ode to Arizona, a state that doesn’t give a daylight savings what the rest of the country is doing.

I’ve been to Arizona a few times (more times than I can remember). I know the people there are patriots who love their pastels and parties. Shout out to the ASU students who ran with me in the Undie Run (call me).

This is the Apple of our eyes—in the “Chevy to the levy” kinda way. This style is set in flagstone (Geography lesson: it’s a city in AZ).

Be sure to get desert. Georgie’s creamy colors reference “vintage,” but look modern and “Best West-ern.” Not the hotel.

Can I or cacti? Of course you canyon—in a prickly pair of Fyona,  Just like Sedona, Fyona rocks with flowing silhouettes and lightweight natural neutrals. Maybe even a wide brim hat. Sedontchya wanna try?

Richy T. — A.S. U wish.

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