Richy’s Rants: Spring Clean(s)ing

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_3.6_pb2At this point, we all need to Master Cleanse our closets as part of spring-cleaning.

I do the real Master Cleanse regularly, but I won’t say that it’s healthy, or okay, or makes my skin look sensational (it does).  For those of you lookin’ all, “huh?” the Master Cleanse is a regimen of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper taken daily to replace any and all meals with the purpose of ridding one’s (especially is one is a celebrity) body of toxins.  Yeah, that’s the face I expected from you, but it works for me. While I can’t promise it’ll work for you specifically, it will work for your closet.

Speaking of which; congrats, Marla T. for winning the ShoeDazzle Spring Closet Makeover and getting a jump on the seasonal renovation!  For the rest of us still thirsty to recharge, here are a few suggestions:

Go organic lemon: The style you can squeeze out of Zivana this and next season is sweeter than you think—just add your own sugar in the form of a cropped pants, gold jewelry and navy basics. That’s the juice.

Stand up, syrup, and stir up an Alder look that’ll give you enough energy for the entire day.  May people adore the maple reflections.

Spice up your wardrobe with the cayenne-colored Izzy…or isn’t she gorgeous? Her base faux “wood” read back to basics if it weren’t so tall and sexy.

The rest is water. “Spring” water to be exact. That’s the kind this Lacey shark requires.

Personally, I spike my cleanse with a Splash of iced tea, because of all the toxins I would like to be rid of, caffeine is not one of them.

Richy T. – Clean, clear, and out of control.

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