Richy’s Rants: Spring Muse-ing

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_4.4_pbI pretend I know about music, so I thought about 4/4, the meter, before the date (actually I thought about the fraction first, because I’m a nerd, then I remembered it was my beFri’s birthday). Anyway, the meter 4/4 is 4 quarter beats per measure—think club music: thump thump thump thump. This got me thinking that maybe spring fashion, like the “4 on the floor” records topping the Top 40, is not only darker (see last week) but consistently bass-ic and a little retro.

That’s why I’ve made Kelly Kapowski my unlikely muse for Spring 2013. For those of us who showed up at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by, we’re right on time. I’m going to endorse black, white, cream, and gold as a new spring thing. Note: there’s nothing colorfully neon or pastel; that’s why it’s brilliant.

The metal of the season is so gold. Don’t feel gilt-y if you mix, but you Midas well put your mind to it, go for it—especially in Cuff Times.

You could Zip yourself into some gold studs, or let a high-top sneaker Twist things to the max.

Let’s get totally high-waisted on jeans paired with racy, lacy tops, caps, and heels with a whole Lottie of spikes.

Purse-onally, I think the scallop-trimmed Corbin and unnecessary suspenders would be friends forever.

Richy T. – Having a Zack Attack (de ja vu remix).

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