Richy’s Rant: Surf’s Up


Image via TMZ/Image via Disney

Here’s the truth: As guys’ shorts get shorter, girls’ shorts (and pants) get higher-waisted. So this is how T. Swift ends up paddling in a (not-my-fave) trunkini. It’s only not my fave because you have to be a pretty millionaire to get away with that print. On her, I think it’s groovy; you just need the same slimming cut in a solid color to look like a million bucks. Annette would approve.

I wouldn’t dare put the kibosh on the Teen Beach Movie trend—mostly because I’m a fashion fan of short shorts and faux surfing.

In the movies, they don’t wear shoes, and their hair doesn’t get wet when they swim. Clearly, there’s a disconnect; they need shoes.

Shoes like Olinda are Jackie O-so-good with vintage looks. But if you want to keep things outta sight, go for something nude like Deandra or Joan.


Richy T. – All souped up.


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