Richy’s Rant: Velvet Angels


Richy’s Rant: Throwback Thursday/ Last Dance

Do you by any chance recall Rhiannon?  This boot was the shining star of over-the-top style circa two ShoeDazzling years ago—knee-topping in synthe-snake silver fabric. Best believe she was striking. Shout out if you own them.  The friend for whom I bought  these loves them to this day.

How about the time we had Velvet Angels? This style is unforgettable. However, it’s time to reflect on her mirrored heel and celebrate. Paired with something red and white, these shoes keep the fire cracking on liberty day.

I’m well aware that this blog will go live on the 4th of July, and I think that I’m right on the money (American dollars)  when I say that we have no choice but to acknowledge what already happened and look forward to a fashionable future.

Take, for instance, Shanina. With her revolutionary micro-wedge heel, this shoe is ready to celebrate and fire(work) with everything from  jeans to lace and patterned shorts.

This will be my last dance on Thursday but don’t trip in ShoeDazzle heels; I’m moving to Wednesdays!

Hope to see you then.

*Richy T. – thrown back a day.

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