Richy’s Rant: Yes, Pleas!

Thursday'sRichyTBlog_Feb20Nobody asked me, but my pick for the month is a shoe that’s so cool, it makes everything hot look lukewarm—a sexy little slip-on called “Plea.” There’s at least 2 Chainz that run rampant across this shoe, not to mention ribbons of gold and spots of cheetah print. It kind of reminds me of Versace.

My absolute fave aspect of this pair is that they work together, even though the left and right are not the same. It’s like me and my co-workers; we collaborate and coordinate, but don’t imitate. We’re different. Yeah, we’re different.

I’d also like to give a shout out to all my size 11s out there, because you, and you alone, made it possible for me to don this ’Dazzle myself—with only minimal foot damage…probably. I’ll deal with that when I’m old; for now, I’m sold.

Usually, I go for high-tops like you go for heels, but best believe we can pull up to the scene with our high ceilin’s missin’ and still feel like fashion addic’s. Roll up your favorite patterned skinnies, put on your Pleas, and  you’re ready to “Hear Me Roar” (you’ll notice a theme).

Style Phile: These Pleas link well with aqua, cream denim, and even more graphic cheetah prints. I encourage all the DIY-hard dazzlers out there to make your Pleas your very own.

Richy T. – I’m different, and I got friends in low Pleases.

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