Richy’s Rants: December This?

Although it’s no longer part of our dazzling M.O., we pretty much invented the phrase  “Skip the Month.” Like any good fashionista, we don’t throw away good ideas—we find ways to up-cycle and up-style them with the freshest and fiercest looks.

Starting today, we’re reviving the “Skip the Month” option in the form of fun fashion “don’t’s” that’ll keep you looking good this month…and beyond.

For the month of December, let’s…

Skip solid leggings. Instead, slip into a brightly patterned stretch of fabric. Ikat is huge this season because it combines both rigid geometry and bold, colorful dyes. A quality pair will accentuate all the right curves and provide plenty of color inspiration for your top and accessories.

Skip fur-lined slipper boots (think: Uggs)—they’re just so predictable. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them, but more refined or rugged boots like Lina and Proud paired with sensational socks are just as convenient (you don’t have to tie your laces!) and way sleeker. Try Kickin if you prefer a more street-smart look.

Skip Solo® cups. Even eggnog looks sexier in stemware. Opt for plastic wineglasses and use ribbon, not Sharpie® markers, to help identify whose is whose.

Skip plastic bags. There are so many great (and stylish!) reusable bags available during the holiday season that there’s just no excuse for not following the reusable bag trend in 2013.

Skip “Where’s Waldo?” searches for the ultimate romantic partner. Enjoy the loved ones who you’re surrounded by and relish their company. Besides, it’s practically a law of physics that you tend to always meet someone special as soon as you stop searching.


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