Richy’s Rants: FluDazzle

Who knows if winter will be extra long this year…besides the groundhog’s all-elusive shadow? I do know that the CDC is pretty sure Flu Season will reach epidemic proportions for the modern epoch. I have this unfounded and uncharacteristically optimistic theory that you can fight the flu with fashion—like, if you look good, you won’t get sick; and if you dress right, no one will guess right that you’re ill. There’s no medical potion in this notion, but there’s a reason placebos exist.

Here are a few Don’ts and Do’s when you get dressed while distressed with the flu.

–          Don’t wear surgeon’s masks in public. That Bird Flu trend flew over years ago. They’re no longer patho-generally accepted outside the cuckoo’s nest. (Note: I am not a doctor.)

–          Don’t let anyone see you sweat. Even collegiate hoodies have no business attending work with you.

–          Don’t let delirium drain you of your ability to do your hair and makeup. Less cute.

–          Do keep your look clinically colorful. Consider hospital’y hued accessories to keep you well. Think chic-E.R.

–          Do us all a favor and stay home if you’re sick and sickening. No one wants to see that…I mean…get sick, too.


Richy T. – Over the inFLUence.

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