Richy’s Rants: Four Your Information


Here’s a little more 411 on the Twenty13 spring thing. I’ve already mentioned that spring style is darker this year, simpler this year, and is retro-Grade A when it comes to high waists and lace. Haven’t been following my blog ’til now? Welcome! The next step in my try-logy (things you should try this season) is combed toward the idea that pastels can be paired with their bolder cousins. Pink and Red hang out together during Valen-times. Sky and Navy used to spend vaycays at the lake house with Violet and Lilac. When it comes to pairings, summer better than others, but  this year you shouldn’t be afraid to introduce your typical spring pastels to their more intense counterparts.

Like, if you happen to slip into Skylas, don’t hesitate to pair her with some real teal.

When shoes like Anka hand you lemon yellow, make tangerine-, peach-, and mustard-ade. That sounds gross, but the coolness is in the contrast.

Lottie in white and lavender is pure sweetness. Pair her with something salty like black pleather leggings and anything magenta. Take it to the max with purple hair. Plumb perfect. My cousin, Erika. Seriously, I live this stuff.


Richy T. – Welcome to the Dark Side.

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