Richy’s Rants: FunGlasses

Happy Not 2012; that year totally blew…by, and the world didn’t even bother ending. That’s why we should all resolve to have a “spec”-tacular new year, starting with THE ACCESSORY of 2013, funglasses (they’re like sunglasses but they don’t shade the sun and might not even have lenses; they’re just for fun).

Google me in these goggles circa the late ’90s. Paid way too much for these circa the other day.

At first glance, funglasses might appear a little costume-y, but soon you’ll see they’re super costume-y and start playing my favorite game, dress-up. Here are some clichés to help share your vision.

Put the ‘secret’ in a ‘secretary’’ look with square faux frames and Neda. File it under “D” for Dazzling.

Not gonna librarian: funglasses are hot when you check out an eye-catching bag like Sebeka. Definitely stacked according to the Do-me Decimal system.

It’s 2013 and a different world. That’s why there’s no Dwayne Way’ we can forget about convertible shades. Spotify these funglasses with a shoe like Tasha. Lisa Monet will be proud.

Richy T. – Makes passes at people with glasses.

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