Richy’s Rants: NewDazzle

Extra, extra: Read all about NewDazzle. The latest layout makes me happy with all its sexy simplicity and a stellar new chief stylist who doesn’t know we’re about to be best friends. It’s “Zoe” going to happen.


A teacher once told me that delayed gratification was the key to scholastic success, but I’ve learned that anything worth studying is immediately pleasing. That’s why we have a new Fix on the daily.  Think of it as the Cliffs Notes to current style, discounted temporarily for a starving student budget.

Speaking of which…Recent studies indicate there’s no telling what designer styles will show up in your future showrooms. We’re kicking access and taking name brands—all up in your Facebook. Starting now, you’ll see stuff that’s expertly designed by known designers to buy, like, and share. Oh, and devotees will still see plenty of ShoeDazzle originals.

Tag yourself in cohesive collections of stylized footing in our shakin’ Boutiques. There, you’ll find all the pieces you need to clique with the right trend in the right color way. Bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bouti’ bounce. Today I feel like being…(insert fad-ulous fashion trend here).

That was my version of a site tour. You can take the real one here, but I’m relatively certain I covered the basics in a way that would make the bosses cringe.

Richy T. – That’s what makes you bouti’ful.


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