Richy’s Rants: The Inauguration

I tuned into The Inauguration on MLK Day and was pretty perturbed—not only by Beyonce’s ship-syncing performance but also by the amount of faux fleece scattered across the National Mall like it was a regular mall.

I get it; it’s cold. L.A. temps were dipping it low last week. Luckily—like “The Carrie Diaries”—we’re now back in the ’80s. We are not, however, back in the times when they figured out how to make fabric from recycled soda bottles. Only the Navy is that old, and the gap between Then and Now is at least XX2 years.

Here are a few contempo’ solutions to beat the cold and get away with it.


Statement (Of the Union) gloves provide a punch of color that fingers you as a fashion-pro in a Wintour-wonderland. Here’s our dazzling First Lady, Michelle Obama. Notice: no faux fleece.


While we’re sugar coating… Wool-n’t it be nice to be warm in something patterned and fitted? Michelle’s tiled and pleated coat gives her the silhouette she deserves, the iconic intrigue of a First Lady, and the propriety to which she must adhere—albeit grudgingly. Way to go, designer Thom Browne. Pretty sure the Alejandra also passes the same bill—she’s proper with whimsy.

You need to (North) face the fact that faux fleece should be relegated to boot-linings, pj’s, pet beds, snuggies, the wilderness, ski slopes, and charity bins. Even Artesa  would have trouble keeping it streamlined against a poly-plush cover-all—and she’s the one of the sleekest bags I’ve seen.


Quit fretting if the previous trends didn’t warm you up, because you can always chan’el quilted looks for added warmth and comfort. From coats to hot totties like  Emmalina, this controlled cush’ helps heat things up.

Richy T. – lip-syncing the National Anthem every Thursday.

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