Richy’s Rants



3, 2, 1,  Hi I’m Richy T., and I’m a Dazzle-holic. Was that convincing or should I do it again?

The countdown to spring is over, because it’s here—as of yesterday. So what’re you gonna do about it? Spring forward? Done. Spring clean? Maybe. Spring cheese? Not a thing. At this point, we’re all sprung.

For example, crossed-leg’d Krissy makes us jump. Jump velvet ropes to party with the stars. She’s all like, “Denim and then some.” Sprung.

Zip a de do da. It looks like some bees stung some classic slip-ons to make them as sweet as honey. Sprung.

Wade out your final flurries in style. Sprung.


Richy T. – Sprung up.

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