Right Meow: Today is National Cat Day!

Meet Geums, ShoeDazzle’s resident feline, a.k.a. the Kate Moss of cat modeling. Although he values his privacy, he agreed to strike a pose in honor of National Cat Day and his favorite brand. Splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York, Geums has strutted the catwalks and helmed ad campaigns for the likes of Mew Mew, Purrenza Schouler and Balencipawga. In his off-duty time, he enjoys the finest sushi, luxuriating at the beach and piling on the accessories.

“Nothing tastes as good as furry feels.”
Geums, 2009


Get in the Caturday spirit with these fun, feline-focused ideas:

  1. Wear cat ears to work
  2. Take a selfie with your cat and post it on social media
  3. Streeeetttccchhhh and yawn
  4. Add a touch of faux-fur or leopard print to your OOTD
  5. Replace “now” with “meow” in all your text messages
  6. Sneak in a cat nap in a sunny spot
  7. Bust out your favorite kitten heels
  8. Adopt a cat from your local shelter


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