What’s Your Sign: Bootie Edition


It’s officially September, and we’re super excited about the return of the bootie! With booties on our minds, we will predict the bootie you’ll love with this special edition of shoe horoscopes. Read on to find out which bootie reflects the essence of your sign.



Often lauded for levelheadedness and quick thinking, you’re the friend that everyone looks to during times of crisis. Because you’re busy being a problem solver, you don’t have time for fussy shoes. Elinor has a sturdy block heel and a side zipper, perfect for Capricorns on the go.



Aquarians are prone to introspection and often have a tough time expressing their deepest feelings, but their unwavering integrity and loyalty make them the perfect protector. Meet Rylee, a super comfy and versatile bootie that’s as reliable and grounded as you are!



Artsy and spontaneous, you find yourself drawn to quirky individuals in social situations and “one-of-a-kind” styles in shopping situations. Pisces-born has a gentle heart that loves all living beings. Silvan combines a chic silhouette with a floral print, befitting your kind and unique spirit.



A charming social butterfly with a competitive streak and a brilliant sense of humor, there’s never a dull moment when an Aries is present. Your fiery psyche and oozing charisma are personified by a bootie none other than Hot Sauce. Spice it up, hot stuff!



A living example of “listen twice as much as you speak,” Tauruses are thoughtful as much as they are insightful and creative. You’re the helping steady hand that everyone needs during important decision-making processes. The minimalist Qimma will satiate your inner balance.



Expressive and uninhibited, you sometimes find yourself in hot water for your brutally honest words. Even so, Geminis are charismatic and fun-loving, and people naturally flock to them. Follow your whims with Lysa, a unique denim bootie made for a fashion chameleon like you.



The nurturing and sentimental type, Cancers use their best intuition and emotional intelligence to connect with their loved ones. Your sensibility and balance bring out the best in those around you. Stay balanced with Spenser, a block heel bootie with a cool ring zipper detail.



Dramatic and confident, Leos are often the most enthusiastic in any setting. Your fiery passion and magnetism make you a great leader. Even in fashion, fearless Leos tend to be ahead of the early adopter curve. Adopt Boo-Tea, a sassy bootie suited for an even sassier dresser.


Despite being the voice of reason to others, Virgos often struggle with their inner perfectionist. You have an analytical mind and like to ponder upon larger world problems. Breanne, a sleek patent bootie, is a perfectionist just like you: it will instantly complete any outfit with a stylish touch.



The bubbly and social Libras get along with everyone. You can survive pretty much anywhere with your diplomatic skills, but that doesn’t mean you’re a conformist. Libras prefer something a little extra like Daylene, a cheeky bootie that stands tall with you wherever you go.



Infamously stubborn but famously compassionate, Scorpios have a heart of gold that is reserved for their loved ones. Even though you’re not the loudest voice in the room, your opinions carry weight. Stay golden with Dolores, an offbeat style in the shade of deep red.



Under your mild and amicable exterior lies an adventurous side. Always up for the newest challenge, Sagittarians are often adrenaline junkies and provocative thought leaders. Take on your next adventure with Karima, a tough yet stylish bootie with a cozy knit detail.


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