April fools! Okay so, you thought you were coming here to read all about a new ShoeDazzle for dudes—ShoeCoolness?— but instead of loafers, flip flops, and sneakers that look dirty when they’re new, BAM it’s the Wynn deVille and the Juxtapose. What? Confused? I know, right?

Well I just thought that some of you ladies might like a place to direct the guys in your life when they express any skepticism about the hottest club you know, ShoeDazzle. Here are a few guy-centric benefits of a ShoeDazzle membership that you may want to reference when convincing your boys. Feel free to use these:

1- Remember that time he wanted to empty his savings for that red convertible? Maybe if you had your candy apple shoes, he’d have his candy apple car. They’re a lot less expensive but just as shiny; Win for him, Wynn for you.

2- In March he was mad for basketball; explain to him that he could make you feel that excitement every month. Mention that our CEO is definitely contemplating SportDazzle—even if it’s a lie, you get your shoes.

3- James Bond. Yes: He’ll get to be the gadget-tastic, internet-savvy spy and you’ll look and feel like Halle Berry or Denise Richards or Eva Green (google and ogle) in your Juxtapose.

4- He gets a rush when he hears the sound of a can being opened—I won’t can cans but you know it’s something mildly alcoholic or at least inordinately caloric. Anyway: That’s the same thrill you get when you open a ShoeDazzle box, right?

5- Man’s best friend is a dog; girls’ best friends are diamonds. There isn’t a DiamondDazzle (maybe next year, but not for 39.95 a month), and DogDazzle isn’t even a consideration. So…

Whether you’re trying to use his credit card or just have him accept the pile of pink boxes invading your bedroom, there are plenty of reasons why he should love ShoeDazzle as much as you do. Don’t forget to tell him we have gift cards that make you happy and free shoes if your friends get involved!


Richy T.
a.k.a. The New Ali—She’s so cool, she went back to school.

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