Skip the Month: February Edition

Okay so, we don’t do the whole “Skip the Month” thing anymore at ShoeDazzle, but I’ve decided to revive the phrase in the name of fun fashion “don’ts”—this is the second installment. As it happens, there’s no other month I’d rather skip than February. If February asked me to be its Valentine next week, I’d be like, “No thanks.” Why? Because my momma raised me to be polite and—just like I told Wednesday—“Your spoken name isn’t completely hooked on phonics; I can’t handle it.” Plus February’s too short for me.

Even though we’re not an item, February manages to anger and age me year after year on my birthday. I want to be with someone who makes me feel youthful and special; not a noun—proper or otherwise—who makes me feel octo-Generic.

So this month on “Skip the Month,” we’ll fashionably focus on things that give us that young, unique feeling before the sig’nif others encourage us to sign off.  Let’s get Valentiny.

If your Valentine’s flowers are delivered wearing the CVS bag in which they were purchased, skip the month. Show ’em the dark side as you walk away in Margaret.

If the bouquet includes “baby’s breath,” skip the month. Bright and creamy shoes like Pat are way cuter.

If you’re hoping for a ring and get a tequila shot, drink the shot and skip the month.  That’s what Miroslava would do before people got hurt.

Richy T. – The errant “R” in FebRuary.


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