Slice, Slice Baby. Find Your Pizza Personality for #NationalPizzaDay

Love pizza as much as we do? You’re in luck! Today is #NationalPizzaDay! But who are we kidding here? When it comes to pizza, we’re down for it all day, every day. Want to find your pizza personality? Take the fun quiz below to learn about the slice that represents you best!

When it comes to flavor, you’re all about:

  • The more spice, the better!
  • I always say yes to sweet.
  • Savory all the way, baby.
  • Pile on the flavor. I can’t get enough!
  • I never say no to veggies.

Your typical diet consists of:

  • Adventurous eats. I love trying new things!
  • I can’t end my day without a little chocolate.
  • Everything from sandwiches to salads to sushi.
  • Let’s put it this way: I could never go vegetarian.
  • Animal products aren’t my thing. But veggies? Yes, please!

Crust or no crust?

  • Crust – duh!
  • No crust. What’s the point when you’ve got that cheesy goodness?
  • I don’t care either way.
  • Stuffed crust only!
  • Can you add veggies to the crust? If so, I’m down for that!

You’re out with a new guy on a date. What do you order?

  • Something exotic – he needs to know I’m adventurous.
  • Dessert first (obvi!).
  • Yellowtail sushi and a side of sake to get the convo going.
  • I’m a burger and fries kinda girl.
  • Veggie burger – duh!

Your hair typically is:

  • In a fun braid. I love nothing more than changing up my locks.
  • Long loose curls are my thing.
  • Straight and sleek, baby!
  • Messy ponytail. I have better things to focus on.
  • Boho, beachy waves!

Your makeup routine consists of:

  • A smoky eye and super-long lashes.
  • Some bronzer, a bold lip, and some mascara.
  • Lipstick and blush – that’s it.
  • I like to think of myself as a tomboy. The less makeup, the better.
  • Some tinted moisturizer, chapstick, and a smile.

It’s date night. You’re hoping your man takes you:

  • To that new club – I wanna dance!
  • To the beach for a picnic on the sand.
  • To that new restaurant everyone’s raving about. I hear the chef is great!
  • To the batting field. I’m always down for some friendly competition.
  • To his house for movie night. I love nothing more than chillin’ on the couch with some popcorn and my babe.


You’re all about the extras – especially when it comes to pizza. Your pie of choice comes complete with toppings galore. And the shoe you’re loving? Felice, with a sexy snake print you’ll swoon over.


You’re a lover of all things sweet, which is why a Margherita pizza is your jam. That basil on top just does it for ya…we get it. And the pair we love for you? Celina in rose – it’s perfect for days, nights, and everything else.


First off, good choice! Pepperoni is a favorite of just about everyone…and why wouldn’t it be, right? Your choices are simple with a twist, which is why Shanta in blush is the pair you should own now.


While simple cheese pizza is your thing, you’re far from basic, babe. For you, life is all about simple pleasures. And your shoe of choice? It’s Sarahh in nude, which works with everything you own and then some.


When it comes to life, you’re all about chill vibes. Whether it’s a fresh face of makeup or a relaxing night at home, for you, the easier the better. When it comes to pizza, you love nothing more than a veggie filled slice of pie, but for shoes, a bootie is just what you need (and want).

Hungry yet? Head to your fave pizza place now! You can thank us later.


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