So Are Sneakers Replacing Heels?

It’s official, heels are over and the sneaker is taking over. The style that was once reserved for working out or trendsetting street style queens, has gone mainstream. We recommend you jump on this comfy (and chic) bandwagon ASAP. We can’t promise you’ll become a sneaker connoisseur overnight, but here are a few staple styles to get you moving in the right, stylish direction.

Let’s start with the basics-aka Nyomi. This style is an easy way to transition into the world of sneakers, thanks to its simple design that somehow still manages to look cool. What does it go with? Seriously, everything. Swap out booties out of your fave casual outfit, replacing them with Nyomi. Or, if you want to take a fashion risk, pair sneakers with a long flowy dress and leather jacket to exude styling expertise.


Once you master the basics you can transition into more unique looks, like Darian or Sarly. These higher styles featuring shearling details are perfect for sweater weather!


They can dress down a skirt and blouse for some post work fun, or keep your look on the laidback side throughout the day.


Going out, but want to save your feet? Enter, Jenell! Gold glitter and on-trend zipper details make this style holiday season-ready. Add it to a velvet slip dress for a street chic vibe that will garner plenty of attention and compliments.


The key to pulling off the sneaker trend for any occasion is to balance styles; fancy with casual, high and low brands, and simple pieces with statement looks. Give it a try, your feet will thank you!

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