Quiz Alert: Which Sandal Should You Buy?


Looking for the perfect spring sandal style? Take the quiz below to find out the pair that you should buy now!

When it comes to spring style, what is your go-to look?

A: Jeans and a tee, baby!

B: Flowy, floral dresses for the win.

C: Shorts and a tank top.

D: A mini dress and some stand out kicks.


What prints do you tend to gravitate toward?

A: I wouldn’t really call myself a print person. I love a good neutral.

B: Florals all the way!

C: None! I love classic black.

D: Glitter, sparkles, etc. – the more glitz, the better!


Would you sacrifice comfort for fashion?

A: Hells, no!

B: Totally – function comes after fashion for me!

C: Yeah, why not?

D: Sure, but I definitely prefer looks that are stylish AND comfortable.


Your new boo is planning a date. Where do you hope he takes you?

A: The beach! I’m always down for a little volleyball.

B: A chic lunch in the city – complete with champagne, of course.

C: On a boat ride in the marina. So fun!

D: A stroll through the park would have me seriously swooning.


How do you switch up your makeup for warmer weather?

A: A little moisturizer and BAM – that’s it!

B: I tend to wear the same makeup look year ’round.

C: Some tinted moisturizer, bronzer, mascara… and then I’m done.

D: I love lash extensions – they make getting ready so easy!



MOSTLY A’s: Milla and Keira

Easy to wear and super-comfortable, Milla (left) and Keira (right) are perfect for you because of their flat yet stylish silhouette. You’ll have no trouble rocking these to brunch, the beach, and beyond.


MOSTLY B’S: Ava and Issa

A girly girl at heart, you love nothing more than injecting a little pink into your wardrobe. Both Ava (left) and Issa (right) feature flattering straps, the perfect lift, and a perfectly flirty peep toe. We’re living in these pairs.


MOSTLY C’s: Bristol

You tend to steer towards classic shades, but love to show off your unique sense of style, which is why Bristol is perfect for you. A chunky heel and high, strappy silhouette makes this pair work for evenings out and beyond. She’s perfect for showing off that gorgeous summer glow.


MOSTYLY D’S: Poppy and Lana

A gorgeous metallic is a must-have in your world. Poppy (left) and Lana (right) take the cake as two of the most stunning, high-shine pairs in the game. Lana features a wedge, a bow-adorned peep toe, and a thin ankle strap, while Poppy is a stand-out gladiator style with serious personality.


Which pair are you most excited to pick up? Share your faves in the comment section below!


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