Strolling Down Memory Lane with DAD…

Father’s Day came quick this year! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably 1). procrastinated on his gift, and 2). forgot to make those brunch reservations at his favorite bacon-bloody mary spot. Luckily for you, Open Table is a click away, and Pinterest has just about every gift idea imaginable. It may be a little late for the DIY-er in you, but how about pull out your photo album, and go through memory lane with your papa himself! We’re highlighting our most cherished memories with pops, and why we can truly say we’re Daddy’s little girl.

Natasha K.-Director of Social Media


When I was 4, I was obsessed with dressing up like an Indian bride. One day my cousin and I wanted to play dress up, but my mother was at work. So my dad took on the task. He wrapped the sari (traditional dress) on me and was so proud of his work. Then I demanded the finishing touch, a bindi. In Indian fashion, a bindi is a decorate dot that is placed on the forehead. Having no experience in bindis, my dad took a bottle of red nail polish and painted a dot on my forehead. Needless to say, my mother was not happy when she got home! I still love him for trying.

Maggie K.-Social Media Manager


We’ve all heard stories about our parents and the silly things they’ve done when they joined the world of parenthood. Some funny, some hilarious, some very (very) embarrassing-but overall priceless memories that we cherish. I vividly remember getting ready for my piano lesson and my dad giving me full freedom to pick my outfit. Oh, it was colorful and definitely not “fashionista” approved. He draped me in tights with laced up socks, orange flats, a denim skirt, and a pink shirt; the colors of the rainbow were not enough to describe my outfit. He approved, and I proudly wore it. That was until my mom came to pick me up, and it all went downhill from there. Everything fun and silly were pretty much always instigated by my dad and carefully executed by my brother and I. Besides loving laughter and not taking myself too seriously, my dad taught me to work hard, be kind, respect everyone and most of all, be humble. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you, dad, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you!

Danae Y.-Copywriter


Growing up, I always loved going to the themed Girl Scout-Father Daughter dances with my dad because we got to dress up together in outfits like we were in the 1920’s, or at a luau in Hawaii. We’d then dance the night away!

Not only has he unintentionally been teaching me how to kill it at themed parties, but he also taught me how to make an entrance. My dad would drop me off at elementary school in his teal blue BMW convertible every morning. If that didn’t already have the kids at school staring, then his license plate, BNCOOL (translation: Bein’ Cool) would definitely grab their attention. The man is literally convinced that he invented cool, which might be why I’m so cool myself. *insert smirking emoji here*

I’ve learned a lot from him over the years, but there’s one life lesson I’m still waiting on: his secret beauty regimen! I won’t say my dad’s age because he might literally kill me, but that guy looks ridiculously good. Let’s all hope I have those genes!

Thank you Dad for teaching me how to be (almost) as cool as you. Happy Father’s Day!

Chris T.-Ecomm. Merchandising Assistant


My father never gave me the impression that I couldn’t create my own identity and led by strong example. Growing up, I watched him evolve his own look while managing to remain true to himself. He was fearless when it came to trying new things and looking ridiculous, even when my mom secretly threw out his collection of Hammer pants in the 90’s, or when my sister and I mocked him relentlessly for dressing up as a Girl Scout for Halloween. As I evolved and defined my own style, he applauded my choices to dye my hair bright red or shave my head, wear quirky vintage and menswear, and acquire prominent tattoos. My dad is a true individual-rejecting any labels or preconceived notions, and the best role model I could have asked for. I love you always, Peepaw!

Shayla W.-Social Media Associate


My dad has always taught me to be strong and confident in who I am. He has encouraged me to speak my opinions, and go after the things I want out of life. I’ve watched my dad start a business, and nurture it to being a great success today. That entrepreneurial spirit definitely rubbed-off on me in how I approach work, and other things. My dad has that go-getter spirit, but don’t get me wrong…he likes to have a little fun and cut up like the best of them! Growing up, my dad and I would dance the funky chicken at father-daughter dances, and laugh and joke with one another like two kids. I guess you can say, I got my random, sometimes silly, and forever-corky personality from my dad. I can truly say I’ve learned a lot from my dad, and I am appreciative of the example he has set in my life. Love you, Dad!

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