New Year, New Me: 2019 Style Resolutions


It’s January. You know what that means—new year, new you! It’s the time to look at what’s ahead and strive for better. So why not make this the year of your best style yet? We’ve got some style resolutions that might give you some ideas on how to get there. (And maybe, just maybe—our style goals will translate to personal goals, too!)




What’s that saying? “You’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit!” You never know what might happen as a result of taking small or large risks, whether that’s asking someone that inspires you in your career to grab coffee and picking their brain, or simply taking a different route on your daily walks or commutes.  You might just stumble upon something amazing.

The same applies with style. Don’t be afraid to break fashion rules and see things your own way. Step outside your comfort zone this year and introduce some gorgeous snake prints to your wardrobe.  Try snake print as a quasi-neutral and get comfortable with adding color to it, like the Brooke Bootie in Natural Snake Faux Leather with a cute statement bag!




Everyone loves to travel and explore new cities, but what if you vow to become a tourist even in your own city!? This year, see what there is to explore right around the corner—maybe it’s a new restaurant, a new concert series, or just a beautiful view. You never know what you might find, so get out there!

This just might be the perfect shoe to rock for any staycation adventures—the Jordyn Hiker bootie pairs well with jeans, joggers, and dresses alike. We love the idea of adding some sparkly leggings or bright colors to make them feel even more fun. Dress them up or down for any kind of adventure. Let’s go!




It can feel uncomfortable when we stand out in new ways. You might be just fine with your quirky music taste that stands out amongst all of your friends, but what if you throw on some red lipstick when you’re used to going with a clear gloss? Or rock your natural curls instead of your usual style? Doing the unexpected might give you a feeling of change that can help propel a project forward that you’ve been sitting on. Go for it, and if it’s different, good!

At ShoeDazzle, we’re standing out with stunning yellows all month long. We all love a good pop of color, but a great way to switch it up is to make that pop the color of sunshine. Silvan is a great little shoe that can work for a ton of occasions to add some yellow—don’t be afraid to stand out.




Have you ever experienced that feeling when you’ve accomplished all of the goals that you’d previously aspired to? Then you’re left thinking, “What’s next?” Kind of like when you finish a series on Netflix. In all seriousness— in 2019, we’re setting bigger goals than ever before! If it sounds impossible, let’s try, and rise to the occasion.

This January, we’re obsessed with high-rise and platform sneakers, like the Katerina. We’re most definitely going for the platforms this year to give us that extra height with more comfort and confidence. That’s two for the price of one, girl!


Tell us your 2019 style resolutions and personal goals in the comment section below and let’s get into this brand new year in style!



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