Style to Inspire – Shingai Shoniwa from Noisettes

If any of you are One Tree Hill fans, you couldn’t have missed this energetic, forcible, and very flexible lead-singer of Noisettes perform. Raised in London, Shingai Shoniwa and her band have taken the UK and US charts by storm with their album Wild Young Hearts this year. It’s hard to decide what we love most – her music or her style. Both have a retro feel, both are perfection created with daring choices and new combinations, and both are totally and completely her. She braves combining bright colors with more bright colors. She gives a proper nod to 50’s tailoring, but makes the look her own with unique accessories, and of course, her hair. She also pays homage to her Zimbabwean heritage on stage and off stage; all Shingai learned about fashion, she learned from her mother and grandmother, she tells the UK Times Online. “My mum and my grans are all very flamboyant. Even if I left the house very, very dolled up, I would always mess something up…[Clothes] have always been fun. And mum always knew how to turn copper into gold.” Well, we’re pretty sure that everything this talented singer touches turns to gold. Her self, her music, and her style are singular and we’re hoping she’ll inspire you to make a little noise and try something new.

PS – Check out the song Never Forget You at

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