Talking ShoeDazzle, Beauty and Guy Crushes with Lauren D.

Hi Lauren!  First things first.  Those shoes are hot.  What made you pick this pair?

Lauren:  That star!  It caught my eye immediately.  Plus, I am loving curved wedges lately.

Yes, those shoes are really fun!  I think everyone will be really excited once the Leven wedges come out mid-month!  It’s always fun to give a little sneak peek of what’s in store!  Describe your average day at ShoeDazzle.

L:  With my multi-functional role as HR Coordinator and Brian Lee’s assistant it is always busy and fun.  I never know what I might get to work on that day or who I might meet.  I love it!

So you get to plan lots of fun things and work with our very hip and innovative CEO, Brian.  Not a bad “average” day.  What are some perks about working in e-commerce for a shoe company?

L:  I’m trying not to put on my HR hat but we definitely work in a young and exciting environment.  Every day here is something new and unexpected.  Of course there are the perks of our shoe discounts too!

No gal can have enough shoes!  Any hidden talents you don’t mind sharing with us?

L:  I will, on occasion, sing Opera.  Lately it’s been in the middle of the night in my apartment  though.  So far no complaints from my neighbors!

Looks like they’re liking it then!  What’s a beauty must have for you?

L: Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara.  I can’t live without it.

What isn’t there to love about Lancome?  You’re always so well dressed!  Do you like to pick your clothes or shoes first?

L:  Aww, thanks!  Depending on my mood and the weather, I would say that my outfit usually starts with me picking my top or shoes first.  If it’s a rainy day, I will definitely pick out what boots I want to wear first and then my outfit.

What is…your favorite thing to wear when you’re going out?

L:  My black high waist disco pants from American Apparel with a fun top and heels.

That sounds like the perfect recipe for a fun night out.  Fill in the blank.  A woman should never leave her house without her ___.

L:  Lip balm!  I think I need it even more than I need my phone.

Favorite spots to shop/brunch in LA?

L:  I like to shop around Melrose a lot and Botegga Louie downtown is my favorite spot to brunch.  Since I just moved here I am still looking for more cool spots.  Any suggestions?

KTCHN in DTLA is another great spot and we’re a huge fan of LIttle Dom’s in Los Feliz.  Last but not least, who’s your current celebrity crush?

L:  Doesn’t everyone have a crush on Ryan Gosling?

Yup!  We just can’t get enough of him.  Thanks for catching up with us!

Keep your eyes peeled for the Leven wedge (coming out mid-month).

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