Tall or Short We Have the Boots for You

Boots are an integral part of the fall/winter wardrobe. Where would your fave leather jacket-and-skinnies combo be without a killer bootie to tie it together? Or how do you transition your sexy, summer-approved LBD into a chilly fall evening look, sans thigh-high boots? Point made – boots are a must this coming season!

Although a girl can totally wear anything her heart desires, there are definitely certain styles that complement her best features, camouflage her “flaws” and take her look to the next level. So why not put your best foot forward (pun intended) in the best boots for your height?!



If you’re always searching for a guy’s height on his Bumble profile, or are assigned to the back row in photos (in an effort to not block your more petite girls), and tend to shop for extra-long jeans, then high boots are your go-to. Anything from over-the-knee to thigh-high (aka could-replace-pants) boots, will be the most flattering for your “legs for days.” The obvious reason for sporting tall styles is that you actually have enough length to accommodate a higher-hitting boot. Yet, the perks of such looks is that they highlight one of your best assets, your sexy stems. Plus, they’re SUPER “in” this season!

Style your tall boots, like Rola, with a pair of dark jeggings and a lace-up blouse, for a casually on-trend look. If you’re going for a dress or skirt, make sure the hem hits above the boots, to prevent them from clashing.



If you’re neither sky-high nor always on your tippy toes, then you, my darling, are a very lucky girl because you can pretty much rock any boot. Whether you opt for a higher heel or a higher cut boot, your choices are vast. A heel will (obviously) extend your legs and add a few inches without making you unapproachable to most, but a lower, more skin-baring bootie can get you the same results without the possibility of pain. Pointed or elongated toes also help create the illusion of longer, thinner legs. Bonus: booties go with anything and everything! Style booties like Vasha with a color-coordinated jacket, and a richly hued dress.

SHORTRachelleJust because you can’t always see past the crowds doesn’t mean there aren’t perks to being on the petite side of the height spectrum. You can wear heels whenever you want, get piggyback rides with ease, and your size is (almost) always available in the best shoes at any sale! Of course, we all want what we can’t have… so if you want to feel a little taller or make your legs appear longer, there are plenty of tricks. Opt for either higher-heeled boots, or, to avoid any discomfort, wear low booties like Jazlynn. Tip: Neutral colors – nude in particular – will automatically elongate your legs. Pair booties with distressed denim and a current off-the-shoulder blouse. If you want to dress the look up and add even more inches to your legs, tuck your blouse in!

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