The Making of Aliya Janell’s Collection

Hey ShoeDazzle Girls! It’s Aliya Janell here, and I wanted to give you an exclusive look at my Aliya Janell x ShoeDazzle Collection, which you can now shop only at!

This collection is very near and dear to my heart because GUESS WHAT?! I was there during the creative process from the beginning to the end, down to the style, the textures, the colors, everything. So it truly represents me to the fullest.

I put my heart and soul into this collection, so I’ve been so excited to share it with my queens. I’ve been following ShoeDazzle for forever, and I thought what better way to show my love for this brand than to have my own collection that defines and represents me in every single way. This collaboration means the world to me.

I wanted this collection to reflect my personal style, so I designed it with dancers in mind, of course!  As a dancer, it’s very important that I put on a shoe that represents my personality and who I am, period. How you walk and how you dance in the shoe says it all.  I love that a dancers’ style can be a mix of masculine and feminine energy, so I infused this collection with my personal style and made it street with a little bit of chic. It’s got a lot of great details and colors, a lot of neon. It’s full of energy and really fun to wear.

I loved the design process because it was actually similar to how I create choreography. The design process came naturally, it was super fun, and it also challenged me creatively. What I loved most about working on this collection is that I was able to take my vision for any type of shoe and turn it into a reality.

It’s for the queens who are super confident, don’t compare themselves to anybody else, and know who they really are.


Throughout the design process, I kept my queens in mind, and I wanted this to be for them. It’s for the queens who are super confident, don’t compare themselves to anybody else, and know who they really are. That’s who will be wearing this collection every single day. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that there’s always a perfect pair of shoes for however you’re feeling any given day or night.

It’s been so fun designing this ShoeDazzle collection, so get to shopping, queens! I can’t wait  to see you all rocking these shoes, and don’t forget to stay tuned for even more new styles coming in February 2020! Shop the Aliya Janell x ShoeDazzle Collection now.

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