This Gift Guide is not for the ‘Regular’ Mom

Mother’s Day is here and it’s time to appreciate your mama for everything she’s done! It’s never too late to give her the gift she deserves, even if she insists on not wanting anything! It might be hard to find something that makes up for the tough job of motherhood, but the great thing about mom’s is that they will love literally anything you get them!

So let’s celebrate all the mom’s of the world and their unique styles!

Feminine and Floral


Who doesn’t love flowers? Get your mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers along with Savina wedges that are totally perfect for the spring season. These are for the mum who wants to look fun and classy, but also isn’t afraid to take risks. Match with a Desi handbag and a neutral colored outfit so her shoes stand out. Plan a picnic or a trip to a cute café and let her show off her new shoes!

Sophisticated and Sexy


These Zosia wedges are perfect for the mom who wants to feel sexy while rocking the minimalist look. She can wear them with any of her favorite outfits and a statement accessory like the Teo handbag. Wedges are great for moms who like to walk all day, so spend some mother-daughter time at a local concert or go visit a museum. Remind her that she can be comfortable and look hot at the same time!

Bright and Bold


Hello yellow! These Alize heels are for the mom who wants to look fierce. She will get an instant boost of confidence the second she puts them on. Mom’s can be so busy with their daily lives that they forget how sexy they can look and feel. Let her rock these shoes with some casual denim jeans or a white summer dress for a day out in the sun!

No matter what you do with your Mom, just make sure to take the time to tell her how great she is. Here are the reasons we love MOM:

  1. We wouldn’t be here without her (literally).
  2. She remembers EVERYTHING, like that family recipe for baked cookies.
  3. She loves all the little quirks about us.
  4. She has a better shoe closet than us. Where do you think you got your shoe addiction?
  5. She’s brutally honest with us when we are being ridiculous.
  6. She always responds to our texts. Well, most of the time.
  7. She’s more than a mother, she’s our best friend. #BESTIES!

What are some of the reasons why you love your mom? Comment below!


Guest Contributor: Nicole

Nicole was born and raised in LA and is currently studying Communications and Film at Loyola Marymount University. She is the Social Media intern at ShoeDazzle and absolutely loves what she does. She has a strong passion for social media, music, photography, fashion and is high-key obsessed with food. Aside from studying and working as an intern she loves to explore LA and spend quality time with friends and family.


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