Binge-Worthy Shows, ‘Cause Netflix & Chill Is the New Romance

We have a confession to make… we love bingeing. From our fave foods and drinks to shopping, we’re all about indulging. The newest addition to our list of “vices” are these binge-worthy shows that you have to get on board with. Read up on what’s to come in the new season of our faves – warning: there are spoilers!



Our beloved inmates are back for Season 5! Last season left us with a major cliff-hanger and some heartbreaking developments (RIP Poussey Washington). But this time around the ladies flipped the script, and they’re the ones calling the shots.

There’s plenty of drama to go around, from the riot to the relationships of the inmates – romantic interests (Piper and Alex, Lorna and Nicky, Suzanne and Maureen), new and old friendships, and the interracial conflicts that divide the prison – and of course, you can’t forget about the internal struggles that plague each and every dynamic character.

The ladies take on running the prison with the guards as hostages, allowing them to make some demands for reform, like better healthcare, education, free tampons, and Flaming Hot Cheetos and Takis (because, priorities people!).

While Poussey’s BFFs seek justice from Litchfield, dynamic duo Maritza and Flaca take advantage of the negotiations, and their newfound access to the internet and cell phones, to create a youtube channel (#whenlifegivesyoucellphones…). While some characters open up their own businesses and try to be productive, others opt for more “wild” pastimes…

Tune in to Netflix to stream all 13 episodes of OITNB and find out if the rioters are granted amnesty, if Poussey’s death is in-fact acknowledged as a murder by the prison, if things change, and what relationships will weather the storm.



Summer is about to heat up with Season 2 of our favorite show, Insecure, back on the air! Starting July 23rd, be sure to tune into HBO to catch up with Issa, Molly, and Lawrence as they take us on a tumultuous (and often hilarious) journey through the highs and lows of their friendships, relationships, and careers in sunny LA.

Will Issa be able to move on from Lawrence after the heart-wrenching season finale? Will Molly be able to find a balance between her troubled love life & overbearing career? From what we can glean from the trailer, Season 2 will be full of laughs and soul-searching revelations that got us hooked to the last season!  Comment and share with us what you’re most excited to see in the new season, and be sure to check back here each week for a full recap of Season 2 of Insecure!



Our favorite bad boy is back! This season of Power is centered around Ghost’s arrest and his fight for redemption, as he struggles between who he wants to be and his true nature. We’re only three episodes in so far and the drama is just beginning. See the episode 3 recap below.

Season 4, Episode 3 – “The Kind of Man You Are”

The feds are closing in on Ghost’s team, but luckily for him no one’s talking. Tommy’s presence blows us away as he keeps the feds guessing about his involvement in the drug cartel. Ghost finds himself in a debt he didn’t anticipate, while Tariq continues spending time with ex-cons that are more than twice his age.


Let us know what your fave binge-worthy shows are and what you think about OITNB, Power and Insecure, in the comments below! Check back for more recaps!

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