Shoe Travel Hacks for Stylish Jet Setting

We’re well-seasoned travelers, and perpetual wanderlusters over here at the ShoeDazzle HQ- having amassed plenty of tips, and tricks for nailing style abroad. Whether you’re packing for your summer getaway or daydreaming about your next trip, we know how to maximize your carry-on.


1. Roll With It

Rolling your clothes will not only make the most of packing space but help prevent wrinkles in transit. If you’re lazy like we are, pack a small empty spray bottle to mist your clothes and release wrinkles upon arrival.


2. Distribute Weight Evenly

Pack your heaviest pairs at the bottom to help balance the weight of your suitcase.


3. Stash Intimates

Shoes are often the bulkiest items in your luggage and the hardest to edit down. Capitalize on their space by stashing rolled up socks, bralettes, charge cords and underwear inside your pairs.


4. Your Dust Bag is Your Friend

Your dust bags can pull double-duty when you travel. Store shoes to keep things pristine in your suitcase. On your way back, they can also hold dirty laundry or wet swimsuits. In a pinch, a shower cap also works well to protect your shoes.


5. Fly in Style

We always wear our biggest, chunkiest pairs (wedges and OTK boots, ya feel?) through airport security, or in our carry-on backpack or tote bag to leave extra space for cute outfits in our suitcase.

Now you’re ready to jet-set in style! #ShoeDazzleTravels!

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