Trend Watch: Schoolhouse Style

When Rachel Zoe tweeted, “Is it normal that I’m watching Grease for the 105th time and still live for it?” we gushed. Not only is the film itself noteworthy, the costume designer Albert Wolsky made varsity letters and preppy sweaters something to pine for.

The letterman was originally awarded to those with clout in athletics or performing arts and these days it lends itself to fashionable; so you don’t have to be a part of a coterie to sport it.

We adore this look for its versatility. It can literally be paired with anything to create an effortlessly chic statement. For instance, slip a letterman jacket or sweater over a collared shirt and pencil skirt to create a refined appearance or mix prints with a sleek pair of pants and blouse for a bold take. With either option, finish with a nude pump like the Elisha. This will even out the color pallete and add an air of sophistication.

What movies give you style inspiration? Share in the comments below!

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