TrendSpotting: Talking Textures; Leather, Lace and Fur, oh my!

Some people shop with the intention of picking an item in a certain color, to go with a certain other color, or something in a specific cut, that will work well with an accompanying style. But this fall, instead of focusing on these standard details, I encourage you to look closer at your garments and instead, mix and match your ensembles based on texture.
While summer fabrics tend to be simple cottons and linens, autumn brings in a whole harvest of playful materials that when combined can create a truly cozy (and inviting!) outfit. This fall, there is a strong focus on leather, which has a lot of variety in texture itself, and also is appearing as items that might seem unlikely. Leather shirts, leather scarves and leather accents on coats and sweaters all make very textural statements.

A more delicate cousin of leather’s, lace is also making a comeback on victorian inspired dresses and high-waisted skirts. That uncanny combination of a prim, ladylike fabric feel, shaken up with ultra sexy peek-a-boos make it a really fun and versatile texture to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Whatever your stance on fur, it’s a statement-maker one way or the other, and perhaps the most luxurious material to feel against your body, alongside cashmere, of course! Use fur to accessorize your already texture heavy look, and you’ve got an easy but interesting style for the cooler days ahead.

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